The Cyber War is on the horizon, is your business prepared for the 2020's?

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Private Investigator in Round Rock, Texas
specializing in cyber crimes and digital investigations.

You'll rest assured knowing your case is handled under the management of a Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) and a licensed private investigator. Many agencies claim to offer cyber investigations or digital examinations, however the traditional private investigator often does not have the technical skills to deal with computers and networking.

Spectre Intelligence is a licensed private investigator and cyber security solutions provider in Round Rock, TX that offers cyber security advisory, endpoint detection, and investigative services. Our cyber investigators have worked in security operations centers analyzing digital incidents, in addition to having years of experience handling intricate networking and managing complex information technology systems.


Cyber Security Advisory Services

Cyber risk is prevalent in even the most secure environments. That said, most environments are not even that secure to begin with. All business should understand the risk they face and meet minimum security stands to minimize loss.

Endpoint Detection & Incident Response

Digital forensic examinations is a complex field that requires a deep rooted understanding of system and security architecture in additional to understanding the rules and requires of maintaining and documenting evidence.

Information Security Auditing & Reporting

Security operations includes many of the technical aspects of information security. It is important to ensure the technical implementations that can minimize intrusions are in place and working effectively.

Vulnerability & Security Testing

Implementing security controls is important. However, testing those controls for effectiveness is are more important. Penetration testing focuses on testing security controls so they can be analyzed for improvements.

Experienced Private Investigator

Knowledgeable IT Security Consultant

Need an experienced investigator? We have thousands of hours of investigations under our belts and hundreds of successful IT projects. Need proof? Ask for references!

Find out if our cyber security or private investigator solutions are right for your business. Reach out and a licensed private investigator with work through your situation to help determine the most cost efficient and value driven course of obtaining information.