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Who is Spectre Intelligence?

Spectre Intelligence is a cybersecurity company under the management of a licensed private investigator and a Certified Information Systems Certified Professional (CISSP). We offer professional cybersecurity advisory and investigation services to businesses.  

Cybersecurity advisory

Cybersecurity Advisory

Developing a cybersecurity program from the ground up can be a long and complex task. We can help by implementing security programs that prioritize business needs and mapping those requirements to your organization's cybersecurity requirements. Your cybersecurity program will assist, not interfere, with your core business objectives and keep you moving smoothly.

Private Investigator Digital forensics and incident response

Digital Investigations (DFIR) ​

Do you need a licensed private investigator to perform incident response? If your organization suspects that a data breach is in progress or other types of malicious activity is occurring on your internal network, a licensed private investigator can obtain, preserve, and present digital evidence for administrative and record keeping purposes.

Technical implementation

Technical Implementation​​

Is your business moving to a new security or information technology solution? We will provide hands-on technical deployment and a formal risk assessment of potential software solutions. Do you not know where to start? We can analyze your business processes and map the best solution.

Vulnerability management

Vulnerability Management

We help our clients prioritize and manage vulnerabilities based on existing internal and third party penetration tests. If you are looking for penetration testing and have not yet perform a penetration test, we can provide a tailored penetration solution to match the organization's risk appetite.

Experienced Private Investigator

Knowledgeable IT Security Consultant

Need an experienced investigator? We have thousands of hours of investigations under our belts and hundreds of successful IT projects. Need proof? Ask for references!