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About Spectre Intelligence

Spectre Intelligence is a licensed private investigator in Round Rock, Texas. Our current service area includes all of central Texas for most cases. Our lead investigator has thousands of hours of investigative experience conducting criminal, civil, insurance, and cyber investigations and specializes in cyber security and risk management for businesses. 

If you would like to meet in person at your location or at our office, please reach out ahead of time and set up an appointment. 

Message from the owner

We hold ourselves to the highest level of integrity and honesty, which we believe is unmatched. If there is any reason we think a private investigator cannot help you, we will tell you so. It is this degree of honesty that built our client’s trust and confidence in our ability to perform thorough and professional investigations.

 – Michael Colosi, Owner

Privacy Policy

Privacy and security is our number one priority. Spectre Intelligence may retain highly confidential data of it’s clients during the course of investigation, or other less sensitive information through online form submissions.

Users of the site, clients, and customers agree to allow such information to be retained. Spectre Intelligence makes no guarantee of data confidentiality but will make reasonable attempts to safeguard all information retained.

Users, clients, and customers agrees that they understand the risk of online submissions and further agrees to hold Spectre Intelligence and its’ agents harmless for any damages incurred from these risks. Additionally, all individuals who work for Spectre Intelligence within the private investigator arm undergo the proper licensing and a thorough background investigation as required by Texas state law and Texas Department of Public Safety regulations to ensure compliance applicable laws. 

Compliance & Complaints

As a licensed and insured investigation firm, we maintain compliance under the acts for which we are regulated. Spectre Intelligence maintains compliance with these applicable laws for the integrity of our company, clients, and cases. 

Complaints on licensed or unlicensed private investigation or security agencies can be directed to: 

Texas Department of Public Safety, Private Security Board

Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA)

The Driver’s Privacy Protection Act protects the privacy and controls access to public driving license databases. This provision governs how a private investigator may obtain and use DMV and driver license records. We maintain compliance with this law by following it’s permissible uses, which may limit records we are able to access during the course of your case. 

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act was implemented to protect the private information of customers at financial institutions. These regulations also govern how a private investigator can access, obtain, and disseminate information accessible under this regulation. Not all investigative cases allow us a permissible use to access investigative records regulated under this act. 

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

The Fair Credit Report Act regulates consumer information dealing with the credit bureaus. In certain background checks, a credit check may be pulled to protect a business from certain financial risks. However, most cases do not allow the acquisition of records under this regulation without written consent and a legal permissible purpose.