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Are you being watched?

Are you being watched?

It’s a common misunderstanding that being watched is the same thing as being under surveillance. However, this just is not the case. Your normal creepy stalker just does not have industry-standard experience, knowledge, or equipment used by those who conduct surveillance on a daily basis. They just don’t know what is acceptable and what isn’t. We’ll talk about some of the ways you can figure out if someone is unlawfully creeping on you.


This is probably the least relevant of all of the factors. Reason being, seasoned undercover investigators and surveillance experts will make themselves inconspicuous. There will be few indicators of their appearance to tell the difference between a private investigator or some creepy guy spying on you. However, if you manage to get a glimpse in their vehicle, check for devices such as cameras, radios, acoustic earpieces, badges, or other equipment that may be associated with law enforcement or the private security industry. These may be signs of a legitimate operation.

What they’re watching

Reasonable and legitimate investigators will conduct surveillance within the confines of the public. They will not make attempts, in most cases, to gather visual or photographic evidence through windows or in any area where individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy. A big indicator of being watched by creepy-stalker-man is predicated on their desire to see something they shouldn’t. It may be difficult to make out what they’re watching, however, if you can, then be sure to keep an eye out for anything suspicious, such as the individual looking into windows or back yards.

Online & social media

Legitimate investigators will never friend request you as themselves, if at all. If you keep seeing the same person and then happen to receive a friend request by them on any form of social media, then this is something to note. In this situation, you are most likely dealing with someone creepy, not anyone conducting surveillance or other covert operation. The very proof of this is rooted in the word “covert”. Sketchy and creepy people may lack social skills which would otherwise tell them that following and adding you as a friend is creepy, as such, this is a severe indicator.

Illegal or immoral behavior

These individuals clearly have no desire to obey the law and will do things such as trespass, look through windows, and possibly gain unauthorized access into areas they do not belong in. These are serious indicators that who you’re dealing with are not private investigators or law enforcement. Unless there are law enforcement operating under a warrant, there will never be a time in which anyone can legally enter your property especially with the intent to view through windows. In almost every situation in which a warrant is issued, there will be multiple officers in uniform to prevent being misidentified. If you see someone on your property looking through windows or in the back yard, call police immediately!

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