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Are you under surveillance?

Are you under surveillance?

Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t. How could you tell if you weren’t a trained counter surveillance operative? Your curiosity brought you to wonder about anti surveillance information so perhaps we should provide a bit of that.

Mobile Surveillance

This type of surveillance, as the title implies, is conducted on the go. Usually, investigators of all types will utilize covert mobile and vehicular surveillance in order to follow suspects and subjects on the go.

That said, approaches vary quite differently depending on the type of investigator and the type of agency. It really all comes down to money, as it usually does. If there is a substantial risk for you to be followed by a private investigator, your chances of observing them will likely be pretty good. A single investigator following you in the same vehicle is going to stick out over time. Even with rotating schedules, investigators, or vehicles, a single investigator assigned to the case is always like to get seen by the most mediocre individual. It is just is not possible to pursue someone in the age of cameras and information without losing them or getting burned. However, if your case is sufficient enough to warrant multiple investigators, your chances of spotting them are diminished substantially.

Further, in cases where multiple police agencies or federal investigators are involved and lots of money and resources are involved, you can forget any attempt to spot them. Surveillance teams with large amounts of capitol to burn will have stationary surveillance gear, multiple vehicles, vehicular, and foot units, all that can be radioed once you’re in view. The best way to avoid this situation is to not commit crimes.

Stationary Surveillance

A way to reduce costs and wasting time is often needed when a subject’s schedule is not predictable. In almost all cases, a thorough investigation requires behavioral established patterns in order to plan when surveillance will be initiated. Such behavioral patterns can really only be determined by witness interviews, covert pretexting, or by self-admission on social media. However, when none of those options are available, the investigator has to risk time, money, and being burned to perform preliminary surveillance on the subject. This is certainly the most boring and painfully long method of doing so.

The alternative for conducting human-based static surveillance is to deploy motion-activated cameras at the subject’s work or home. The footage of a week’s time can be reviewed quickly and efficiently in order to study a person’s behavioral trends. Some software, such as the software Spectre Intelligence would deploy, provides analytical data which we can then use to create a plan of action for tail-end mobile surveillance if we need to follow an individual. The best part is, the investigator only needs to drive by, deploy the covert surveillance system, and review the data remotely. Then once finished, they can drive by and pick it up. All without sitting in a vehicle for hours. A well-hidden camera system can range from flower pots, telephone boxes, vehicle trailers, and even camera systems set up within the rental house next door. All is situational, and always beats being in a hot car.

Undercover Surveillance

This is usually the last resort and there are few and far circumstances in which you, or anyone you know, will ever actually come into contact with an undercover investigator. If you’re under surveillance, odds are it will be done within a 100 yards away. However, there are sometimes situations in which investigators are hired to go undercover in business situations to monitor theft and loss in workplaces. For instance, there is a company in the North East that specializes in placing undercover investigators in warehouses to monitor theft of inventory. This may seem expensive, but far less than the entire pallets of electronics going missing.

For this, it might be incredibly difficult to know who an undercover investigator actually is. Any investigator who frequents covert and undercover surveillance will be good enough to have established themselves as a normal employee or customer. They will essentially act and work like a normal employee, and may even have the same responsibilities. There is little that can be done about this, except for being honest and do not steal. Honesty will get you further than attempting to counter the surveillance.

Cyber Surveillance

This one is even less common and illegal under most circumstances. A legitimate reason that will constitute as legal in most cases would be when an employer attempts to monitor an employee’s activity at work and on the employee’s own IT equipment and devices. Normally, the employee has little expectation of privacy and an employer can freely monitor what belongs to them. Keyloggers, remote management tools, and other data trail and log auditing tools can be used to monitor an employee’s activity. However creepy or unethical it may be, it is certainly is done by employers. After all, if your employer trusts you so little, and to the point where they have to monitor every word you type, perhaps they should not have hired you.

That aside, the best way to prevent monitoring is to keep work and personal items separately. Being that it would constitute a felony to monitor the client side of your personal device, even on their network, you can pretty much rest assured your employer cannot access your phone or private laptop. Just be sure to keep the separation of work and personal as separate as possible. Remember, their WiFi is their network and they can still legally and lawfully monitor that traffic.


In summary, you need to consider the reasons why you may be under surveillance. If you know there is not a genuine reason for you to understand surveillance, then there is no need to counter it. If you frequently break the law, cheat, steal, and lie, then it’ll catch up to you no matter how you try to counter the surveillance. There will always be more people and new tactics that you will not be able to keep up with.

And, let’s face it, if you’re willing to do anything to counter surveillance, was not use that effort to produce wealth instead of taking it?

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