Business Investigations

What can a business investigator do for your case?

Business investigators use various tactics and methods for obtaining evidence and getting to the bottom of your case. Some of the methods we use for investigating business matters are:

  • Conduct interviews and speak to relevant witnesses that may have witnessed policy violations or criminal activity.

  • Gather documentary evidence in search of verifiable facts that can disprove or prove a claim involving a criminal act. 

  • Sweep for electronic surveillance or spying devices that may be used to steal trade secrets or extort high level executives. 

  • Obtain digital evidence by means of a digital forensics examination or other methods of digital evidence acquisition.

  • Employ undercover methods by being placed in a relevant job position within the company to act as an undercover liaison for senior management. 

What is a business investigation?

Generally, a business investigation occurs when a company or a third party conducts an investigation into a business related matter. This can range from white-collar crimes, all the way to employee conduct of conduct violations. The best person or agency to conduct a business related investigation is a private investigator, second only to law enforcement. Legitimate private investigators are normally licensed by the state, carry insurance, and have experience and an unbiased view when conducting these types of investigations. 

What are the types of business investigations?

There are various types of business investigations. Some of the most common ones are:

Corruption Investigation: Although it is not the most common type of observed business crime; corruption investigations usually come as the result of suspected fraud in the business’s leadership. In addition to leadership, those who have access to confidential or classified data can also be involved in a business corruption scandal. 

Business 2 Business: B2B investigations usually come when a business is about to merge or retain another business as a vendor. Generally, the business client who retains our services does so with the intent to learn more about the corporation they intend to do business with. Think of this as a business style background check. In some cases, we will request and review financial records of the vendor and ensure the company is stable to serve our clients.

Employee Investigation: Employee investigations generally range from administrative and rule-breaking investigations through your typical employment background report. If an employee has been observed breaking company policies or if you require manual internal policy audits, we can assist by acting as your third party auditors. If your company requires preliminary background checks, we’re here to help. 

Espionage Investigation: Trade secrets are secrets for a reason. In some cases, employees with need-to-know access may be bribed, extorted, or sell out company secrets for their own personal gain. It’s our job to obtain any evidence from these crimes and present them to our client and their legal counsel for administrative and/or legal action. Our goal is to protect your business and trade secrets from disclosure. 

Financial Investigation: Normally businesses have administrative controls to prevent theft and loss within a workplace, however sometimes these aren’t enough. If an employee begins to commit fraud by stealing from the company, we’re here to help by providing financial investigations to our clients. We have state of the art  and ethical methods of obtaining evidence you need in a legal and thorough manner.

Undercover Investigation: Finally, to aid our other corporate investigative services, we offer short and long term undercover investigations. We will work with our client to place an investigator undercover in their business. This helps gain evidence for more complex theft and espionage investigations in ways traditional investigations cannot. 

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