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Business Investigations

Aiding in the prevention and discovery of loss within the workplace.

Industrial Espionage

Imagine you find an employee in or around restricted areas and you may have caught them with unauthorized information or storage devices. These can all be signs that someone within your organization may be stealing and profiting off of the hard work of others.


Everyone has been to a flea market or on eBay for 10 minutes and noticed the incredibly low prices you can get on high end name brand products. What’s that? A brand new Louis Vuitton purse for $38? Perhaps someone should look into it, and we’re that someone.

Loss Prevention

Walking into any big box store and you will see hundreds of video surveillance cameras and staff waiting to check your receipt upon departure. Some stores even have armed guards. But loss prevention isn’t just for the public, it’s for internal employees as well.

Patent Infringement

Inventors and their companies work diligently to invest time and money into their patents. There are those that will steal those inventions for their own profit. Patent infringement is a serious crime, allow us to assist you to protect your creations.

Helping to secure and bring accountability to the workplace.

Do you know someone who acts a bit too shady at work? Our investigative services aid in the prevention and discovery of loss by individuals within the workplace. In many cases, the staff may never even know such an investigation ever took place. This can help prevent confrontations that may be an unintended side effect. We:

  • Collect digital, physical, and circumstantial evidence covertly.
  • Interview witnesses and take statements pertaining to the offense.
  • Analyze and structure evidence for prosecution or administrative action.
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