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Civil Investigations

Getting to the truth with civil investigations in all civil law related matters.

Adding a private investigator to provide civil investigations and litigation support may be the difference in your case’s success. Private investigators can often uncover things that attorneys do not have the time for. It’s important to have an investigator thoroughly review and further obtain evidence to your case. For more information on how private investigators can help your civil case, visit here

Asset Discovery

Certain people are not always honest about their assets, especially if they're the defendant. We provide asset discovery investigations for attorneys, courts, individuals, and law enforcement when an individual or business assets or bank accounts need to be located.

Civil Litigation Support

Complex civil cases sometime result in the need of a fact investigation, or just the occasion letter drop off. We offer a wide variety of services to support attorneys and individuals pursuing or defending against legal action. Our job is to ultimately get to the truth.

Accident Investigations

The last thing anyone thinks about, is to take photos of an accident after having been in one. That's where we come in. We can help by digging into and obtaining photos, reports, and evening canvasing the area for witnesses. Let us help you get the truth out there.

Service of Process

Delivering process can be a hassle. Sometimes even locating the individual to serve can prove challenging. We provide process serving to eliminate the hassle. In most of our services, we offer guaranteed delivery or you pay nothing. That's a promise!

Bringing our clients the evidence they need to make informed decisions.

We provide investigative services to support a wide variety of civil cases. Investigative experience is important to consider when looking for a private investigating in Round Rock, TX. Civil litigation refers to non-criminal cases that may appear in a court of law. In the past, our findings have led to positive outcomes for our clients without even stepping into a court of law. We provide investigative services to support a wide variety of civil cases.

  • Collect digital, physical, and circumstantial evidence covertly.
  • Interview witnesses and take statements pertaining to the offense.
  • Analyze and structure evidence for prosecution or administrative action.

Visit for more information on business investigative services provided by Spectre Intelligence, and for more information on technology solutions offered by us.

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