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Cyber investigations

Specializing in cyber investigations and information security consulting.

Cyber investigations are increasing in demand as our world becomes more technologically enabled. It’s important to have private investigators who are well versed in technology and cyber security. Spectre Intelligence doubles as a cyber security company, our expertise in the field is unmatched in the area. For more information on our technology branch, visit 

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is the pillar of evidence in the modern age. When combined with traditional investigative methods, forensic examinations can be the golden key to the evidence you need in order to take the appropriate action.

IT Security Auditing

Deploying cyber security controls in your organization can be both overwhelming and time consuming. We can assist by providing IT security auditing to ensure your organization is protected from digital intruders.

Intrusion Investigations

If you ever suspect your organization has fallen victim to digital exploits, we can help with cyber investigations. A thorough examination into possible intrusions in an integral part in preventing them in the future.

Cyber Investigations

Law enforcement doesn't always have the resources or the time to devote to cyber harassment and other digital crimes. We specialize in computer crimes and digital investigations to provide you the evidence you need.

Providing cyber security and cyber investigative services to individuals, businesses and governments

Most modern private detective agencies would be great at their job, if this was 1952. Unfortunately, today's technological world requires new cyber investigations skills. Investigative experience is important to consider when looking for a private investigating in Round Rock, TX. In the US, qualified cyber security analysts and experts are in short supply and costly when they are available. That's why we've decided to bring our clients the best of both worlds.

  • Collect digital, physical, and circumstantial evidence covertly.
  • Review firewall, SIEM, and server logs for intrusions.
  • Analyze and structure evidence for prosecution or administrative action.

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