Cybersecurity Services in
Naples, Florida

Who is Spectre Intelligence?

Spectre Intelligence is a cybersecurity company under the management of a Certified Information Systems Certified Professional (CISSP). We offer professional cybersecurity governance, risk and compliance cybersecurity services to businesses based in South West Florida.

GRC Advisory

Developing a cybersecurity program from the ground up can be a long and complex task. We can help by implementing security programs that prioritize business needs and mapping those requirements to your organization's cybersecurity requirements. Your cybersecurity program will assist, not interfere, with your core business objectives and keep you moving smoothly.

Security Engineering

Does your organization need expert assistance in developing your security architecture and implementing security tools to log and report suspicious activity? We help by assisting in the technical implementation of security systems such as SIEM, EDR, DLP, and others. These will help your organization's IT and security teams identify and respond to security incidents.

100+ Clients

Serviced over 100 clients in the information technology and investigation space.

200+ Projects

Tackled over 200 projects in the information technology and security space.

10,000+ Hours

Engaged in over 10,000 hours of information technology and information security projects.

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