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How to choose a private investigator

How to choose a private investigator

Whether you are seeking to hire a private investigator or auditing the thoroughness of your current private investigator, don’t be fooled by common lingo used to mislead potential clients into purchasing services. Thoroughness and outcome are directly correlated with motivation and drive, don’t be fooled only by claims of education or experience. You should only search for value, results, and a track record of success. Here are some things that should consider…


Private investigators, just like doctors, lawyers, and teachers can specialize in a variety of cases. Each case type such as criminal, civil, family, business, or cyber requires its’ own special expertise. It is important for the client to gauge the investigator’s past experience by questioning what types of cases they’ve handled. There’s no telling whether someone is truly an expert in their field. We’ve met and interviewed dozens of individuals who proclaim to be experts in their field, backed with many degrees and certifications, come to find that they really don’t know much on the subject. However, a good method to gauge their experience is to ask about it. More specifically, ask about the amount of hours they’ve spent on particular cases and why they consider themselves an expert. You can learn more about specialties of PI’s by visiting this (link)

Case Hours

Many individuals might do a particular job for years, but only spend a couple hours a month doing that particular job function. Asking about the amount of cases, can also be misleading. 500 simple worker’s comp cases might result in the same experience as 50 highly complex criminal cases. To combat this, ask about how many hours they’ve spent actually performing the service you wish to hire them for.

At Spectre Intelligence, we have thousands of hours working with various forms of technology and cyber security techniques, as well as thousands of additional hours conducting various other investigations such as criminal defense, surveillance, and civil investigations. Further, we welcome the opportunity to be challenged on our knowledge. No one knows everything, but we will always conduct thorough research and find you the answer.


Going back to what we explained earlier, education and years of experience is no conclusion of expertise. Individuals who are motivated and driven to be the best in their field will always outshine individuals who spend years collecting a paycheck and doing “just enough” to get by. When choosing a private investigator, you can analyze your potential investigator by asking questions about where they see themselves in a couple of years, why they love what they do, how do they continue to improve, and why they believe they’re good at what they do. If you get neutral, negative, or corporate lingo, that’s your cue to find someone else. Look for people who strive to be industry’s best and who do so with a purpose.


Finally, the last and most important indications of a successful investigator is their method. We’re not just talking about their investigative method, but rather their overall life approach and attitude when dealing with issues. Human beings are creatures of habit and they will bring their nasty habits and baggage into the workplace. The private investigations field is no exception to this rule. When appropriate, try to learn the investigator on a professional and personal level. If their life is in chaos and display signs of gross irresponsibility, this is a sign to walk away. Further, get to know a little bit about how they use reason and draw inferences from evidence. Search for phrases like “most likely or lease likely”, avoid anyone who claims there will be guaranteed results. Strong investigators will always take responsibility for their failures and mistakes and they will be honest and straightforward when questions are asked. A private investigator is suppose to benefit you in times of uncertainty, not parasite off of your times of misfortune.

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