Infidelity Investigations

What can a infidelity investigator do for your case?

Infidelity investigators use various tactics and methods for obtaining evidence and getting to the bottom of your case. Some of the methods we use for investigating infidelity matters are:

  • Conduct static, mobile, and electronic surveillance to verify the subject’s whereabouts and unfaithful activities.

  • Perform online inquires and investigations into dating websites, chat apps to verify the subject’s presence.

  • Acquire digital evidence through means of digital forensic examinations in phones, tablets, computers, and other electronic devices.

  • Interview witnesses that may have pertinent information regarding the subject’s alleged unfaithful activities.

  • Testify in court or other administrative bodies regarding the finding of any evidence obtained during the course of the investigation. 

What is an infidelity investigation?

Infidelity investigations focus on obtaining evidence that a spouse or intimate partner is engaging in unfaithful acts with another, the most common is the cheating spouse scenario. In most cases, mobile and static surveillance is placed on the subject to monitor their activities in public. In some cases, 

What are the types of an infidelity investigation?

There are various types of infidelity investigations. Some of the most common ones are:

Digital Forensics: Digital forensics involves recovering deleted data and sifting through a computer’s memory in search of evidence. This evidence can be used to prove or sometimes disprove an infidelity claim. 

Electronic Surveillance
: Electronic surveillance generally includes methods such as GPS tracking or video/audio recording. There are few cases where this is allowed and it usually requires the owner of the property to provide consent. Additionally, conducting electronic surveillance where someone has an expectation of privacy is always illegal. 

Financial Audit
: Financial audits are used in infidelity investigations to prove a partner is being dishonest or pocketing money. This can be done by analyzing the provided accounting records for inconsistencies. 

Mobile & Static Surveillance: Mobile and static surveillance are the most common investigative tactics for infidelity investigations. They employ following the subject by a vehicle, on foot, or camping outside the subject’s residence until evidence is obtained. 

Online Investigations
: Online investigations focus on the investigator going to various dating websites, usually on the basis of other evidence, and seeking for dating profiles of the subject. 
Witness Interviewing: Witness interviewing, a tactic in many infidelity investigations, aims at obtaining evidence by questioning witnesses that may be privy to special information. 

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