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Insurance Investigations

Preventing theft and fraud and helping to secure fair outcomes.

Auto Claims

We provide investigations into auto related claims such as accidents or damage to vehicles. Whether it be documenting damage on vehicles on interviewing witnesses at the scenes of crimes, we have you covered.

Property Claims

An outside opinion on home or business property claims can always be beneficial to a claim. Whether you are the home or business owner or an insurance adjuster, Spectre provides professional property claims investigations to suit your needs.

Personal Injury

At Spectre, we believe people should be accountable for their actions. When negligence causes permanent injury, you need a investigations crew who can obtain the necessary evidence you need to take the appropriate action.

Worker's Compensation

The truth is out there and we are here to find it. For those that claim they are injured, but they aren't, we are sure to catch them in the action. We bring a fair and unbiased view in order for mediators and attorneys to negotiate the best possible outcome.

Providing unbiased insurance claim investigations to individuals, businesses, and insurance companies.

Investigative experience is important to consider when looking for a private investigating in Round Rock, TX. Individuals who defraud insurance companies cost the insurance company and it's clients up to 40 billion dollars per year according to the FBI. Insurance fraud is increasingly becoming a problem. Such fraud raises premiums and reduces profit. On the other hand, having a second opinion about claims you've filed, can always assist your case and provide evidence in your defense.

  • Collect digital, physical, and circumstantial evidence covertly.
  • Obtain proper measurements, photographs, and research values.
  • Analyze and structure evidence for review by adjusters or legal counsel.
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