Cyber Security & Investigation Rates

Private Investigation Rates

Traditional investigations and cyber investigations are services that fall under the private investigation industry and typically require a license. In Texas, Spectre Intelligence is a licensed private investigation firm specializing in digital investigations into complex cases of hacking and digital intrusion. We provide both digital and traditional forms of investigative services.

Cyber Security Consulting Rates

Cyber security consulting is a very broad term to describe professional advice on security as it relates to information and information systems. Spectre Intelligence offers consultancy for both advisory on security management (policy and operations) and further provides technical deployment of security related systems such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems. 

Private Investigation Services require a (4) hour minimum.

Canvassing & Interviewing$150.00
Data & Fact Verification$150.00
Investigative Research$150.00
Mapping & Surveying$150.00
Reporting & Presentation$150.00
Undercover Operations$150.00

Cyber Security Consulting Services require a (4) hour minimum.

Cyber Security Advisory$250.00
Cyber Security Auditing$250.00
Cyber Security Monitoring$150.00
Cyber Security Testing$250.00
Digital Investigations$150.00
Incident Response$250.00
Technical Implementation & Support$150.00

Disclaimer: Our clients undergo a risk screening to determine if the requests are illegal or unethical. If we determine you have any intent to use our services to pursue unlawful or immoral means, we reserve the right to terminate the agreement and withhold our findings. To receive service, our clients must sign a contract, and within, will subsequently agree to an integrity clause. Failure to do so will result in the rejection of any and all services. This is to protect our integrity, the integrity of our clients, and victims of abuse. 

Why hire a private investigator?

Private investigators have a variety of information gathering techniques built on the experience of analyzing data and behavior. A professional private investigator can discover trends in data that seems otherwise random. Even more importantly and often overlooked, they can determine what is NOT evidence in cases where random data seems important to the average individual. The ability to determine between the two requires the ability to reason through complex ideas and technical concepts understood only by experts in a given field. 

Why hire a cyber security consultant?

Much for the same reason as hiring a private investigator, an experienced cyber security consultant can sort through complex ideas on information security and prioritize them on the principle of the cost-benefit analysis and risk models. To do this, an expert needs to understand what is fundamentally important about what they are protecting and the risks they face. The value of assets greatly increases the complexity of the risk modeling process and thus it is best to left to an individual who’s trained in modeling and mitigating cyber security vulnerabilities.