Security Monitoring & EDR Services

edr xdr endpoint security

Even the most sophisticated threat actors can be detected and blocked.

We engage with renowned security software providers to make sure you have a well-defined endpoint detection and response program that is suited to your specific security goals.

All aspects of endpoint detection and response, including threat detection, customized policy administration, user account management, application whitelisting/blacklisting, console/agent upgrades, moves, additions, and updates, are fully managed.

Service Offerings

  • Implementation

    • Our engineers have a combined experience of more than ten years with our goods. We assist your team in quickly configuring and implementing our solutions in accordance with our best practice recommendations, ensuring that your organization is safeguarded against both accidental and intentional security breaches.

  • Migration

    • Our engineers have the skills to assist you to migrate from a competitor's firewall, email security, or malware protection software swiftly, efficiently, and without disrupting your business operations.

  • Configuration Review and Health Check

    • We evaluate your present security product implementation and offer recommendations for maximizing your investment so that your organization is properly secured against today's advanced threats.

Time is money.

With remote installation by a security specialist with security product specific expertise, our bespoke offerings will get you up and running quickly.

Transfer of Information

Receive expert guidance to guarantee that your IT personnel has the information they need to improve your organization's security posture and avoid costly security incidents.

Enhanced Security

Ascertain that your investment in our solutions is appropriately adjusted to ensure the highest degree of security and efficiency.

Personalized Services

Our team of professionals can create unique solutions for automating repetitive operations and providing custom reports to aid in data analysis specific to your organization's needs.