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Should you hire a private investigator?

Should you hire a private investigator?

Should you hire a private investigator? As a private investigations agency with many bills to pay, I am compelled by my disposition to say that you do. However, that may not be the case. I have encountered several cases in which hiring a private investigator is done out of desperation, and not rooted in a legitimate need. So here, I’ll discuss some of the situations in which you may not need a private investigator.

Don’t hire us… if your cat is missing

We once received a case request from a sweet old lady who wanted us to deploy a series of remote-controlled drones and conduct video surveillance to find her 7th cat. After a soft explanation about how looking for a cat who’s been missing for weeks, using technology borrowed from the Customs and Border Patrol, was not the most economically sound investment, we rejected the case.

Don’t get us wrong, we love our furry friends but this is not a situation that a private investigator could solve even if money were no object. A thorough investigation relies on sound witness statements, digital and physical forensic evidence, or at least a subject who can be profiled.

Don’t hire us… if you want to know if that online girl is a catfish

Private investigators rely on strong and unbiased evidence. That said, yes she’s a catfish or it doesn’t matter either way. For those of you guys who’ve been strung along for far too long by an online “friend”, let me remind you of a simple fact, if they were interested, you wouldn’t have to guess. In the dozens of catfish investigations we’ve taken, the outcome is the same; disappointment. Whether the guy or gal is real or not, you’ll still be disappointed but now you’ll be disappointed with an invoice from a private investigator. Take our advice, just move on and save your cash.

Don’t hire us… if you want to stalk someone who wants nothing to do with you

Not only won’t we do it, but we can’t. It’s unethical and in some cases, illegal. There isn’t much to say about this, except move on. If you have a legitimate and lawful reason to investigate an ex-spouse or other associated person, then keep reading.

You should hire us… if you have a case in a legal proceeding and need evidence for the case.

If your ex or soon to be ex-spouse is neglecting or abusing your child, then we might be able to help. Surveillance is always the best option for these types of child custody disputes. If you are trying to prove possible infidelity for your own peace of mind or for a divorce proceeding, then we may also be able to provide you what you need.

You should hire us… if you’re being cyber stalked or cyber harassed and the police cannot or will not help.

We receive cyber investigation cases all the time. With the increase in technology, more people feel emboldened to pick up the keyboard anonymously and make slanderous claims against innocent people for a myriad of reasons. If the police aren’t able to help due to it being considered a civil issue, or if there is insufficient evidence for the police to investigate, we may be able to help.

You should hire us… if you believe your employees are suspiciously accessing data or misappropriating company funds.

These cases might be insufficient for law enforcement agencies to act. When a company is faced with suspicious employee activity, they should proactively hire independent investigators to thoroughly investigator and review the evidence. If nothing else, you can exonerate good employees and at worst, have enough evidence to proceed legally.

The final rule of thumb.

If your case has a clear objective that can be summed up in one sentence and is legal, then we’re here to help. Ultimately, we do not want our clients and others wasting their time, energy, and money on poor or uncertain outcomes.

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