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What does a private investigator do? Surveillance and Monitoring

What does a private investigator do? Surveillance and Monitoring

Surveillance involves discreet, on-the-ground investigative work to monitor people, places, or things to collect information or evidence. Modern-day surveillance is technology driven and has given private investigators more options, including digital surveillance and, in special circumstances, GPS tracking.

Spectre’s private investigators utilize a variety of surveillance and monitoring techniques to fit your specific needs. We offer a range of discreet surveillance solutions including evidence gathering, witness location, competitive and competitor intelligence, insurance fraud investigations, and more. Spectre Intelligence has worked with law firms, political research firms, financial organizations, construction companies, and more.

Domestic & Infidelity Investigations

Domestic and infidelity matters need to be investigated discreetly and with care because of the potential impact on the lives of all family members.  The results of the investigations can be used by individuals and law firms involved as evidence in divorce and alimony proceedings. We are experienced in working with individuals and lawyers to conduct all types of domestic and infidelity investigations.

Child Custody & Personal Investigations

When it comes to child custody and personal safety, all evidence must be carefully gathered by experienced and knowledgeable investigators to ensure the evidence is admissible in court.  We are careful to ensure we are aware of all surveillance guidelines and laws, allowing them to collect critical, court-admissible evidence for your case.

Evidence Collection

Finding the right evidence can often make the difference between a favorable or unfavorable outcome for you or a client. Discrete surveillance can collect physical evidence that’s admissible in court, helping you build a better case. Whether it be a video or a written account of evidence, we are sure to cover every base.

Brand Protection

Finding evidence of trademark infringement is critical for getting infringing marks taken down, counterfeit products off the market, and protecting your brand.

Our company has experience conducting cross-state brand protection investigations. These investigations included deep web searches, on-location surveillance to identify and corroborate trademark violations, and the identification of violators to pursue legal action.

Physical Surveillance

Boots on the ground are sometimes the only way to corroborate events or collect physical evidence.

Thanks to extensive knowledge of local laws and techniques, our company can use discreet surveillance techniques to get you what you need.

Cyber Surveillance

A subject’s digital life can be telling, if you know where to look, but collecting evidence from digital sources must be done correctly if it’s to be usable.

Investigators can collect digital evidence using advanced research across international search engines, social media accounts, and deep web databases both public and private.

Skip Tracing Services

Need to find someone in a hurry? Finding people who are actively hiding, or finding people with little to no known information is a specialty of private investigators. This service is known in the trade as “skip tracing”.

Our experienced investigators can locate people for corporate, legal, and personal purposes using professional tools, an understanding of human psychology, and years of experience.

Computer Forensics Services

Devices with storage and connectivity capabilities have become ubiquitous. As a result, they are increasingly relevant to all sorts of investigations and often provide incredibly valuable evidence. Computer forensics investigations analyze these devices and recover evidence from them, even when that evidence has been deleted or hidden.

Use private investigators with computer science backgrounds in military, intelligence, and legal fields to find and recover evidence from all types of devices.

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